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Shipper Liability (If Any) to Carriers’ Drivers for Allegedly Improperly Loaded Freight

Do you ever wonder who is on the hook if driver is injured when freight is improperly loaded? This is not a straightforward answer. Read this article as it helps to clarify responsibilities as associated with the loading process. Here is a comment that caught my attention, "the duties imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations upon the driver are likely to supersede any allegations of negligenc ...

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FMCSA advances e-log mandate, rule sent to White House for approval

Still seemingly on target for its projected Sept. 30 publication,  a Final Rule to mandate the use of electronic logging devices has been sent from the DOT to the White House's Office of Management and Budget for final approval before being published. The DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sent the e-log rule to the OMB July 30, along with a Final Rule that will implement stiffer penalties fo ...

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Truckers’ top 10 most favorable states for clean inspections

STATES WITH THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF CLEAN INSPECTIONS 1) Mississippi - Violations per inspection (VPI): 0.84 2) Montana - VPI: 0.86 3) North Dakota - VPI: 0.89 4) California - VPI: 0.88 5) Tennessee - VPI: 0.92 6) South Dakota - VPI: 0.86 7) West Virginia - VPI: 1.11 8) Delaware - VPI: 0.87 9) Nevada - VPI: 1.15 10) North Carolina - VPI: 1.22 Click here for more information. ...

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CVSA Schedules Brake Safety Week for Sept. 6-12

North American truck safety inspectors announced a special campaign to examine the brake systems of commercial vehicles during the week of Sept. 6-12. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which represents law enforcement in the United States, Canada and Mexico, said July 21 that Brake Safety Week is an annual event for the truck and bus inspectors. The focus of the inspections will be out-of-adjustment b ...

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Be Aware – DOT Audits Are Targeting These Vehicle Maintenance Issues by Pat Dull, NRMS Safety Specialist

Recently the DOT put out a notice that if daily vehicle inspection reports had no violations that they were not required to be kept for a 3 month period.  This was done in the interest of cutting down on paperwork.  At the same time the guidance given to the auditors was that in the event that a company has a roadside inspection and that inspection had violations on it that should have been picked up by the ...

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Be On Guard: North Carolina Decision Continues Worrisome Trend

Click on the link below to read a brief authored by the Transportation & Logistics practice at the Benesh law firm. In short, a NC court ruled that a Freight Broker was responsible for a work comp claim filed by an O/O hauling for a Motor Carrier the Broker contracted with. Confusing, yes, but read it a few times and you will understand the implications... This case reinforces several ongoing challenges ...

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NRMS’s Tom Lucci joins the fight to urge Ohio’s BWX Legislators to fix a Workers’ Comp issue

Our intrepid leader Tom Lucci made the trip to the Ohio Statehouse in June to testify on a bill to rectify one of the inequities our clients face as a result of Ohio's current workers' compensation system. House Bill 207 would allow an Ohio employer to request that a workers' comp claim resulting from a commercial auto accident that is likely to be subrogated be paid from BWC's surplus fund account rather t ...

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Ok, so I understand what workers’ compensation is…Now explain what the heck is an E-Mod?

If you have ever dealt with Workers'Comp insurance, you know your E-Mod has a big impact on your insurance premium. Let's take a step back and talk about the basic factors that are used to calculate your work comp premium before we get too "insurancy" with E-Mod details. Work comp premiums are computed using three primary factors: 1. Payroll - for each class code on an annual basis 2. Rate - per class code ...

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First things first…What is workers’ compensation?

Our partners at Acuity do a nice job of explaining workers' compensation. Workers' compensation (work comp) insurance pays medical fees and lost wages for an employee who has suffered an illness or injury resulting from job-related duties. Work comp covers an injured employee's: ·         Medical Expenses ·         Wage/Salary Compensation ·         Disability ·         Rehabilitation ·         Survivor and ...

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