About Us

National Risk Management Services has over 25 years of experience in making Risk Finance and Risk Control work for the transportation industry.

  • Risk Finance focuses on determining the right coverages, limits, and deductible amount that gives you financial security and optimizes cash flow.
  • Risk Control focuses on analyzing losses, determining how to prevent them, and mitigating the cost once they do occur.

We have helped over 500 fleets and 10,000 owner operators drive down loses and find the best transportation coverage available.

Why National Risk Management Services?

  • We specialize in truck insurance! That’s ALL we do!
  • We provide fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
  • We offer access to a wide range of truck insurance companies to ensure you are getting the best possible rate available.
  • We offer everything you need to protect yourself and your truck:
    • Auto Liability
    • Motor Truck Cargo / Property
    • General Liability
    • Workers Compensation
    • Non-Trucking Liability
    • Physical Damage w/Downtime and Rental Reimbursement
    • Occupational Accident Insurance
    • Unlimited Roadside Assistance coverage
  • We have THE best safety and compliance expert in the area on our payroll.
    • You get access to 24/7, safety meetings, CSA, Mock DOT audits, etc.
  • We have an exclusive on-line driver management system which helps identify at risk drivers.
  • We offer access to certificates on-line.