Access to CSA scores – there is an app for that…

Want smartphone access to CSA scores? There is an app for that…pro-qc-mobile-client-9-1-s-307x512a

The FMCSA announced a new smartphone app that will allow for mobile access to currently available online safety performance information. The new QCMobile app, requires no log-in, immediately reveals whether the federal operating status of the carrier is authorized and retrieves data from a number of FMCSA sources. The option is then available to retrieve more detailed information on carriers, covering their 7 BASICs that are a part of FMCSA’s cornerstone safety program, CSA.

The free QCMobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download QCMobile. – Acuity InGear Express Trucking News.