Captive Programs

Captives programs offer you the opportunity to benefit from your safety efforts. More specifically, if you don’t suffer significant losses, a portion of the premium you pay, along with investment income, may be returned to you.

What is a Captive?

  • Better operators band together to share risk and reward –creating their own exclusive insurance group and insulating themselves from poorer operators and the market
  • In effect, group captive participants exit the cyclical traditional market and typically realize significant long-term savings and better protection

Why consider a captive program?

Freedom & Flexibility

  • Insulation from “the pool” of other risks
  • Customized insurance coverages & program design

Potential Lower Costs

  • Return of unused premium + investment income

Organizational Focus

  • Focal point for risk management activities
  • Risk Control incentive, Safety Practices and Culture


  • Deduct premiums paid to the captive; investment income


  • Motor carrier, insurer, agent and captive partners
  • Access to top tier truck lines that share your vision


National Risk has significant experience helping motor carriers determine if a captive program is right for them. Call us to discuss at (800) 747-6247 or email.