Cargo Theft – Quarterly Trend Update

Freightwatch has reported that the number of incidents of cargo theft in the United States is down slightly.  The last quarter saw 178 stop-cargo-theftaincidents of cargo theft. The average loss was $189,307.   Food and drinks continue to be the most-stolen product type, accounting for 16 percent of total thefts. Home and garden supplies and electronics followed, with 14 and 13 percent of the thefts.  Texas took the lead, followed by New Jersey, California, Florida and Georgia as the high crime areas.   Most thefts continue to occur in unsecured parking lots, followed by thefts from warehouses and distribution centers and secured lots Full truckload thefts were the most common.  Identity theft is now on the radar, accounting for 5% of the thefts. As per August 27 CAB Report.