Close scrutiny: Pennsylvania rises up the inspection-intensity ranks

Haulers on a D.C.-to-Pittsburgh dedicated turn might be the most inspection-prone in the country, never leaving the No. 1 and No. 2 pa-stateastates in Overdrive’s inspection-intensity rankings. Good news is, as noted in the story at this link, Maryland’s above average for the ease of improving CSA scores with clean inspections, and crossing into neighboring Pennsylvania puts you in a top 10 state for that metric.

At No. 9 in Overdrive’s list of the states with the largest percentages of clean inspections, Pennsylvania’s 51 percent clean rate in 2013 was much better than the national average. Pennsylvania is also favorable in violations per inspection. Nationally, 1.6 violations per inspection were recorded in 2013; for Pennsylvania and Maryland, that number was 1.3.

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