Deactivation of USDOT Numbers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all motor carriers to update their information every Biennial Update Table-page-atwo years as part of the Unified Registration System (URS).  Under the URS, motor carriers are required to provide an update even if the motor carrier’s information has not changed, has ceased its interstate operations since its last update, or is no longer in business and did not notify the FMCSA.

On November 1, 2013, the FMCSA began issuing warning letters 30 days in advance of biennial update deadlines to notify motor carriers their USDOT number will be deactivated if they failed to comply.  The FMCSA’s IT system will check for biennial update compliance for all entities due to update in January 2014 on March 1, 2014.  If motor carriers have not updated their information, their USDOT number will be deactivated and warning and noncompliance alerts will be posted in the FMCSA IT system.

We encourage you to remind your customers of this requirement.  Attached is a Biennial Update Schedule that you can use as a reference and share with your customers.  Motor carriers can provide their update by going to and clicking the FMCSA Registration & Updates link or they can login to the FMCSA Portal at  Although there is no charge, motor carriers will need a credit card and their USDOT PIN number to make their update.  If the motor carrier doesn’t know their PIN number, they can apply for a new one online, again using their credit card at no charge.  The new PIN number will be mailed to them by FMCSA in 4 to 7 business days.

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