Donna Zallar

Tell me about how you started working with National Risk Management Services?
I answered an ad in the newspaper for a Receptionist almost 13 years ago.

What sort of roles have you had in the company?
I am one of 2 Customer Service Reps who also answers incoming phone calls. Since I am the 1st person the caller makes contact with it is my duty and commitment to make their call to our office handled with ease and personal care.  Additionally I issue Certificates of Insurance, maintain insurance licenses for our agency and our producers, order supplies and day to day tasks as they come.

How would you describe National Risk Management Services?
Our owners and staff are very committed to our customers and their needs.  I work with very smart people who go above and beyond to keep in step with the constant changing legislation and regulations of our industry.  We insure large and small motor carriers and individual owner-operators and with such a variety of needs and issues our office is always busy with everyday business and often problem solving. We have great customers, we strive to exceed their expectations of our agency and are excited when they renew their business with us.

What is your favorite story centered on working with one of our clients?
I have a lot of favorite clients, we get to know them either thru their phone calls, meeting them when they visit our office or attend a company function.  It is always exciting to meet the person whose voice I know so well.

What do you like most about the trucking industry?
It is extremely busy, fast paced, always challenging, never boring!  I have a great appreciation for the job that truckers have and the personal challenges they face being away from home.  Until I worked for the trucking insurance business I never thought about the cargo that was being hauled in the trucks we share the highway with, now I know everything I value and need is brought by a trucker.

What do you do when you are not working?
I like to entertain for my family and friends, holidays are very important and fun at our house.