Rebecca Miraglia

Tell me about how you started working with National Risk Management Services?

I was part owner of a family catering company with my husband.  I went back to the workplace after getting them set up with systems, accounting etc.

What sort of roles have you had in the company?

I started in accounting and moved into the marketing role about 2 years later.  I even worked as a producer on one account where I had a good inside connection.

How would you describe National Risk Management Services?

A niche agency.  Focusing on the commercial transportation segment, we combine insurance with Risk Management tools to help motor carriers control their costs and remain compliant.

What is your favorite story centered on working with one of our clients?

Our clients are great.  I can’t think of one story in particular, but I have really enjoyed becoming integrated with our insureds and partnering with them over the years as they grow, meeting challenging situations and assisting them when they have unusual insurance requirements.  It’s great when you can solve a problem for them and allow them to serve their customers.

What do you like most about the trucking industry?

Everyone needs this industry to succeed financially and be safe.  Trucks bring us everything we use; to our stores, our workplaces and our homes.  I like that we can provide them with the right coverages for the right price and a risk management program to keep them safe and compliant.  Everyone you know will benefit.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am involved with our church, heading up a Women’s Retreat team.  I am treasurer of the school’s parent association.  I am a unicycle mom for my 10 year old’s unicycle drill team.  I am a big reader.  And my husband and I enjoy food and cooking and old movies.