Ever heard of Occupational Accident? What Owner Operators and Motor Carriers NEED to know…

Owner Operators are not employees and therefore excluded from workers compensation, creating a significant gap in the iStock_000016466657Smallevent of an accident while under dispatch.  Occupational Accident (Occ/Acc) insurance fills that gap, as it works similar to workers compensation, providing protection to the O/O and the Motor Carrier.

Benefits to the Owner Operator:

  • Occ/Acc provides the injured driver with financial protection for accidental death, dismemberment, paralysis, temporary or total disability and medical bills
  • Occ/Acc is typically a fraction of the cost of workers compensation
  • Occ/Acc is available in most states
  • Occ/Acc extends coverage to owner operators and 1099 contract drivers
  • Optional coverage can be added for off the job injuries and guest passengers

Benefits to the Motor Carrier:

  • Mitigates the risk of an Owner Operator seeking workers compensation benefits, resulting in motor carrier costs:
    • Legal defense expense
    • Potential award of benefits, thus uncovered claim
    • Potential workers compensation premium charges for all owner operators
  • Attract and retain Owner Operators, by providing a group program with group discounted rates
  • Reduces the risk of one bad injury creating financial stress for motor carrier
  • Contingent Workers Compensation Liability – provides the motor carrier with legal defense and workers compensation settlement / benefit costs if a covered contract driver seeks employee status for purposes of receiving workers compensation