FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Employers will be required to utilize the FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse to report drug and alcohol violations, query all prospective employees, and query all current employees annually. All queries will require driver consent. Registering early allows employers to verify information, designate a C/TPA if you work with a consortium or third party administrator, invite assistants to access the Clearinghouse if the primary administrator is not available, and select and purchase a query plan.

To be sure you’re up to speed—and compliant—as the Clearinghouse is implemented, please note these important dates: 

  • Fall 2019: You can begin registering accounts now to allow access once the Clearinghouse becomes operational. While registration is not required for drivers, CDL drivers will need to be registered to provide electronic consent to release information to current or prospective employers, view your own record, and identify a substance abuse professional, if necessary.
  • January 6, 2020: You’ll be required to use the Clearinghouse to report and query information about driver drug and alcohol program violations.

Program overview provided by Clearinghouse for Positive Drug and Alcohol Results