Industry Exec Dymistifies ELD in Free Webinar

July 08, 2014 Fleet Owner Websitephoto-safetya

Wendy Leavitt

Annette Sandberg, managing partner of TransSafe Consulting, LLC and former administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, recently offered some practical guidance for fleets making decisions about when and how to comply with the pending ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) mandate.  Her live webinar presentation is now available for viewing free online.

Sandberg, a popular industry speaker valued for her straight-forward presentations and solid advice, pulled no punches in this informative talk, either. She dove into the details for fleets small and large trying to make mission-critical choices about technologies, implementation schedules and the mysteries of exemptions and reset provisions.

Sandberg covered these topics and more:

·         The two-year compliance extension for fleets currently using automatic onboard recording devices for driver logs—Who qualifies and what does it give you?
·         The back-up documentation requirement
·         Driver harassment and penalties for fleets
·         The puzzling “personal conveyance” provisions
·         Use of paper logs – the when and the who
·         Inspections and violations
·         “Unassigned Driver” accounts
·         Roadside data transfer, including required backup methods
·         Tips on selecting an ELD supplier
·         What you should be doing now to prepare
The hundreds of people who attended the live event, presented by Fleet Owner, had plenty of questions for Sandberg, many eldaconcerning duty status, ELD exemptions and the reset provision. One of the most confusing details, for instance, covers automatic change of duty status. According to Sandberg, if a driver is stopped for five minutes, the system will warn for one minute and then automatically change the duty status to “on-duty not driving,” but all other “automatic duty statuses” will now be prohibited.

The current proposed regulation reads like this: “When the duty status is set to driving, and the CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) has not been in-motion for five consecutive minutes, the ELD must prompt the driver to confirm continued driving status or enter the proper duty status. If the driver does not respond to the ELD prompt within one minute after receiving the prompt, the ELD must automatically switch the duty status to on-duty, not driving. The time thresholds for purposes of this section must not be configurable.”

If you’d like some clarification concerning confusing and potentially trouble-causing details like this one, Sandberg’s webinar is designed to provide ELD advice where fleets need it the most.

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