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Joe Lucci

Tell me about how you started working with National Risk Management Services?PA204366a

I was searching for a job for some time after college when a position opened up at NRMS after my predecessor took a job in Columbus. Of course, being the nephew of the owner didn’t hurt.

What sort of roles have you had in the company?

Seven years ago I began as a large fleet marketing assistant. Since that time I moved into a lead marketing role. There have been a lot of changes to my role and those around me, but the one constant has been my desk location. I’ve never moved my work space.

How would you describe National Risk Management Services?

A bunch of fun loving, fun people that love having fun.

What is your favorite story centered on working with one of our clients?

We had an insured that was downgraded to “Conditional” by the DOT due to logs. Over the course of several months we worked closely with them to educate and retrain their drivers on the log process. When they got upgraded back to Satisfactory they were so happy…it felt very fulfilling.

What do you like most about the trucking industry?

Trucks bring good stuff. Almost everything you own was carried by a truck at some point.

What do you do when you are not working?

I enjoy outdoor sports like backpacking and camping