KEEP IT COOL! Tips for Avoiding Off-Temperature Loads

Our partners at Great West compiled this list of reminders to help your drivers avoid off temperature loads.reefer_unit_flyer-page-a

  • Pre-cool trailer and cargo to desired temperature to remove residual heat.
  • Turn the refrigeration unit ‘OFF’ while loading/unloading to minimize heat and humidity entering the trailer.
  • Packaging should be crush proof, solid-side for frozen products, and vented-side for fresh products.
  • Ensure there is proper airflow in the trailer.
  • Avoid multi-temp loads unless using trailers designed for this type of operation.
  • If hauling perishable items that can decay in transit such as fresh fruit make sure the unit is set on continuous.
  • Properly train drivers and dispatchers on use of the refrigeration unit. They need to know when “continuous” run or “start/stop” mode should be used based on the commodity being hauled and the outside temperature.
  • Avoid refrigeration trailers over five years old; the insulation will break down over time making them less effective.
  • In the event a consignee rejects an off-temperature load, contact Great West immediately so the run time data can be promptly downloaded from the refrigeration unit.

Click Here for the detailed Keep It Cool handout