Mock-DOT Anyone?

We are going to go out on a limb and guess that no one reading this newsletter woke up thinking…today would be a GREAT day for a dot-auditaDOT audit. If you did, well, that is interesting.

Have you ever thought about a Mock-DOT Audit? I can’t imagine why you would have. Let’s stop to think about the benefits:
·         Identify problems before they result in a violation
·         Ensure your organization is aligned with company safety goals and paying attention to the details
·         Results lead to teaching moments and continuous improvement
·         Peace of mind should that DOT Auditor knock on your door
·         Convey to the insurance markets that you are serious about your safety program and proactive

We have strong commitment to actively supporting our insured’s safety program, this includes providing Mock-DOT Audits using the same software as the DOT. We have our own Risk Control Department within our agency. The department is led by Pat Dull who has over 20 years transportation safety experience and he leads these audits. Give us a call to discuss or read more about our range of safety services by clicking here: