Trucker Being Called A Hero For Crashing Rig To Save Bikers

According to KOMO News, a truck driver is being called a hero after crashing his truck into a  barrier to avoid hitting two TruckExplosion-600x428amotorcyclists.

The incident occurred on Monday morning on I-5 in Seattle.

Truck driver Ashton Hoopes was driving on I-5 when a Volvo cut him off, forcing him to hit the median.

Hoopes, an Army reservist, was hauling a load of dirt when the Volvo cut him off.  He said there was nowhere for him to go– his only option was to hit the barrier or hit a pair of motorcyclists.  With no regard for his own safety, he chose to hit the barrier.

“I was like, here is my only choice, to hit Jersey barricade so I don’t hit anybody,” Hoopes told KOMO.

His truck slammed into the concrete barrier, causing it to explode into flames.

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